Trips to the best dive destinations in Indonesia

Klaus Orlik worked in 1987 for United Nations in Indonesia and organizes since them every year dive trips to the best indonesian dive destinations. His an excellent knowledge of the country, the people there and the waters of Indonesia make this trips to somthing very special

2015 are organized two trips to Indonesia:

1*  Bali - Komodo from 17. April to 1. May 2015

Bali as an island is known well for the beauty of its landscape and its friendly population. But the island offers also some excellent diving. We dive in the nothe east ofsweetlips at banda islands Bali where its best dive spots are. We reside in a nice bungalow resort and  visit every day diffeent places. Like famous ww2 liberty wrack. Highlites like pigmy seahorses, harlekin shrimps, mimic octopus, large fishes and beautiful coral gardens are waiting for us there.

Komodo is famous for its giant monitor lizards which we of course will visit. But most beautiful part of Komodo archipelago is its unique dive grounds. Sharks, large groupers and stingrays, mantas are comon. Fishbanks of incredible amount and a very sane coral population make diving at Komodo a dilight.

We lodge in a nice resort. And during the time in Komodo we will do also a 3-day dive safari. The ones that dont want to go on this safari can dive the 3 day on the day trips.

The Bali-Komodo Trip can be booked also with one week diving in Phuket before.

2* Banda - the pice islands 2. to 17. Ma 2015

ffThe Banda Sea is faraway from civilization and difficult to go there. But the Banda Ilands are one of the most beautiful dive destination in Indonesia. The scenery above the surface is breathtaking. And each square meter of the islands is full of history. The abundance of corals, invertebrates and fishes  is incredible. There are drop offs that go down to a few hundred of meters, soft sloops, atolls, overhangs and caves. Pelagic fishes, sharks, barakudas, eagel rays and large banks of thuna, mackerels and bumphead wrasses stroll along the edges. Right in front of our hotel the diver finds frogfishes, cuttlefishes, moray eels, rare shrimps and crabs, nudibrancs including spanish dancers, mandarin fish and many other rare animals.

Lunchbreak wehave on lonely beaches. Or, if the trip to the dive spot is very short back at the hotel. Boattrip to the night divessepia in bali take only 10 minutes. Or can be done right in front of the hotel.

Apart of the diveexcursions we will visit the Banda National Museum where visitors can learn a lot about the historiy of the wonderful archipelago. A Visit of the Banda Besar island is also on the program. And optional an excursion to the peak of the opposit the laguna rising "Gunung Api" volcano.

Optional is before the Banda trip a 1-week Komodo trip. Or after the trip a 3 t0 5 day stay at Ambon. The Ambon prolongation is recomendet to "Muck Divers" that like to see most rare critters and dont care about beautiful environment.



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