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Dive Courses from Beginner to Dive Instructor


Basic course for people with limited time. This course can be upgraded later to Open Water Diver

2 days, price 220 Euro

OWD open water diver - beginners course

Learn to dive. Within a few days you can obtain theoretic and practice knowledge do dive around the world. The dive course is conducted according to the standards of worldwide recognized organizations. Teaching materials, dive gear and boat fare are included as well as an international recognized licence.

3 to 4 days, price 350 Euro

AOWD advanced open water diver

Within three days you improve your dive skills to dive without supervision of an instructor or dive master. Obligatory are deep diving and navigation. From many other themes you can choose three additional.

2 to 3 days, price 290 Euro

Rescue Diver

Learn in three days to help yourself in critical situations and to safe and rescue your dive buddy in case of need. A must for self responsible divers who want to dive on their own with familiars and friends.

3 days, price 300 Euro


The first step to become a professional. Within three or four weeks you learn advanced technics and theories. Be trained to supervise single divers or dive groups under water, demonstrate skills for beginners, maintain dive gear, direct a dive boat and many more.

Duration ap. 3 weeks, price 790 Euro


In this one or two days lasting courses you obtain special knowledge about selected themes like night diving, wreck diving, cave diving, diving in hard currents, underwater biology, underwater photography and many more.

Nitrox diver

Improve your safety and prolong your bottom time
1 day, price 230 Euro


Find your way under water and learn different systems of navigation.
3 divews, price 230 Euro

Underwater photography

Digital photography for divers in praxis and theorie.
1 day, price 230 Euro

Underwater Naturalist

Learne to understand and identify fishes, corrals and other sea animals
2 days, Preis 220 Euro

Buoyancy control

Learn to control your buoyancy and moove perfect under water
1 day, price 230 Euro

Night diver

Learne to dive at night time and enjoy the different live during dark
3 dives, price 230 Euro

Current diver

Improve your safety at difficult dive conditions.
1 day, price 230 Euro

Wrack diver or Cave diver

Learne to dive save in wracks or caves and enjoy this different environments
2 days, price 230 Euro

Discover SCUBA

If you are not sure that diving is the right activity for you then you should try it out one day under the attend eyes of one of our dive instructors. Discover the beauty of the corals and its colorful habitants in shallow water, Lead by our patient staff. We are sure that after this experience you want to learn to dive!
1 day, price 125 Euro

IDC - preparation course for dive instructors and Tec-courses

This courses can be individually arranged. Just contact us:

By mail: info@poseidondiving.com

Fax: +66 76 381279

Fon: +66 81 8913969

All our dive courses are held by experienced and patient European dive instructors.Dive courses are held according to the international standards of PADI. During the diving courses you are not under time pressure - no hurry. Our dive instructors adapt the dive course to your ability.
Learn to scuba dive with Poseidon Diving means learning in a relaxed atmosphere, having fun with friends and easy diving at Phuket


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