Safaris to Pee Pee, Koh Hah, Hin Daeng and Similan

Dive PeePee - Koh Hah - Hin Daeng

Koh PeePee

The highlight of your holiday could be a multiple day dive expedition to Pee Pee Archipelago, Koh Hah (a group of 5 smll uninhabitated islands and Hin Dang - the famous "Red Reef" - far away from civilization.

This two to three day dive trip to the famous bird's nest islands is out of this world. Diving possibilities are one of a kind, big fish as leopard sharks, whale sharks as well as colourful tropical fish and hard and soft corals can be seen. Breathtaking scenery beneath and above the surface and the view from the view point at PhiPhi to the archipelago is an experience like no other.

First day we dive half way to PeePee on an Island or a beautiful reef with abundant sea life. The next dives are around PeePee where we after diving take our airconditioned bungalows or hotel rooms. PeePee offers many restaurants for dinner and also night life facilities.

The second day we spend on a day trip to famous "Red Reef" or visit some uninhabited islands named Koh Hah south from PeePee. Both sites are far away from "normal" dive sites and offer an excellent underwater world. After the last dive we hide back to PeePee. On demand we offer a nightdive at PeePee.

Third day we dive around PeePee and go back to Phuket where we arrive around 5pm

Pee Pee with the scenery and local atmosphere is a great experience for non-divers as well.

Pee Pee trips can be accomplished also as a two day tour. If this decision is made the second day is cut out of the schedule.

Thailands most famous dive sites

Similan Islands

Divesafari to Simlan - Koh Bon - Richeieu Rock

The dive trip goes to a group of nine uninhabited islands and reefs at the west coast of Thailand - the Similan Islands  They are located northeast of Phuket,faraway from civilization. Snow-white beaches, untamed jungles, impressive reefs and some of the worlds famous diving sites wait to be discovered by you. Each dive spot differs from the other. Sloops covered by corals change with giant underwater rock formations or drop offs. Hard- and soft corals and the coral fishes seem to be larger as on other dive destinations. Huge gorgonias, sea turtles, rays, sharks, large groupers and many other attractions keep divers and underwater photographers busy. Average underwater visibility is 30 - 40 meters.

The dive safari continues to Koh Bon, well known for its Mantas, to Koh Tachai where divers meet large fish and giant schools of mackerels and thunas and finally to one of the most spectacular dive spots in the Andaman see - Richelieu Rock.

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